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Redmi Powerbank 10000mAh Black

Brand: Xiaomi
Battery: 10000 mAh
USB Input: 1 x Micro
USB Output: 1 x Micro
Type-C Output: 2 x USB
Current: 5.1V / 2.6A
Dimensions: 15 x 73.2 x 150 Millimeters
Weight: 300 grams
Color: Black



How To Install

1- Wipe and clean screen by wet & dry alcohol bag.
2- Remove layer marked no. 1
3- Fit mobile90 screen protector on surface of screen till reach the correct position.
4- Pass your finger on middle of screen (start installation here)
5- Peel of one side of cutting line using any hard card. (National ID for example) 
6- Repeat previous step for other side.
7- Remove branded layer on top and enjoy with premium protection for your mobile’s screen.